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Simplify your crypto accounting

Accounting features built for crypto companies and web3 projects

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Trusted by leading web3 teams

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Crypto Tracking & Reconciliation

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Import and reconcile data across multiple wallets, from Metamask to Gnosis Safe to Coinbase

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Sync onchain and offchain data for a complete and holistic reconciliation process

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Mesha automatically tags transfers between wallets you own.

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Supporting wallets across multiple legal entities for easier tax compliance

Automatic Accounting Integrations

Automatic Accounting Integrations

Automate your data syncing to Quickbooks, Xero and more.

Export balances and transaction history for TurboTax.

Accounting & Financial Statements for Crypto

Monthly reports on your business's financial performance. No more operating in the dark, get accurate reports on balance sheets, P&L, cash flow and more

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With one click, get everything from costs basis, average costs and gains and losses in seconds.

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Mesha will help you track unrealised gains and losses with up to date market prices and editable costs basis details

Simplify your accounting

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In depth data extraction of atomic swaps and internal transactions - get accurate data that no other software can match

Automate your data syncing to Quickbooks, Xero and more.

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Use automated rules to apply floor prices to NFTs

We’ll be your bookkeepers too

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Security you can trust

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Powered by industry leading 256 bit encryption

Non custodial. We never touch your funds

Audited by Certik