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Simplify your spending

Corporate credit cards for web3Join Mesha
Credit Card
Unlimited cards
Expense management for your global business.
Multi wallet
The easiest credit card linked to your multisig wallet.
1% cashback
Issue unlimited physical and virtual cards

Linked to your decentralized wallet

No need to hold your crypto in a centralized custodian. We power your credit card based on the balance in your multisig wallet.

That's right.Mesha is the first card that bridges fiat and crypto.

Decentralized wallet

Remarkable control

Set up spending limits
Set up spending limits, approval processes and more - all with a few clicks.
Manual expiry date
Add in a manual expiry date where your card gets deleted automatically.
Transaction limit
Set transaction limit and restrict merchants, and do so much more!

Real time insights

Get real-time insights on spending by your team members or DAO contributors.
Real time insights

On the go

Mobile apps available on Android and Apple.

Link your card to Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

On the go
No fees

No fees

Mesha is free to use.
Accepted everywhere

Accepted everywhere

Your Visa credit card is accepted at millions of merchants worldwide.