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Crypto Tax Services

Formatted for TurboTax

Filing crypto taxes can be complicated, tiresome and frustrating. Let mesha clean up your transactions, help you get ready for tax season and simplify your life

Decentralized Wallet

Defi Degen? NFT?

Defi Degen? NFT?

Mesha provides the best crypto tax service for crypto-native users. Our software accurately can track Uniswap transactions, multiple NFT sales, transfers between wallets you own and more.

No more tagging transactions as ‘internal’, marking NFTs as not sold if you transferred them and more. This is the most sophisticated crypto tax software in the market.


Get accurate gains/loss calculations for all your transactions, including defi, staking and NFTs.

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Easily sync your wallets

Over 50 wallets supported, from Metamask to Gnosis Safe to Coinbase. No more uploading spreadsheets. Sync your data with a few clicks and we’ll do the rest.

Mesha simplifies your crypto taxes in 3 easy steps:


Import your wallets

Defi, NFTs and more - our software will understand and tag it all - even if its across multiple exchanges and wallets.

Mesha can detect transfers between your own wallets and keep track of your original cost of each trade


Understand your gains

We’ll calculate your profit/loss for any tax year


Download your tax documents

We’ll generate a comprehensive tax report

Easily sync your wallets


Service Included$49 per tax year$299 per tax year
Transaction cleanup50 transactions1,000 transactions
Multiple walletsXX
Costs basis and capital gainsXX
Dedicated teamXX