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Treasury management for web3 companies and DAOs

Manage your crypto, securely

Mass Payouts

Pay over 500 wallets in one transaction.

Schedule payroll, pay vendors and optimize for gas fees.

Mass Payouts

CSV Support

Mass Payouts

Save Contacts

Mass Payouts
Set a schedule

Diversify your treasury

Access the best prices to swap tokens across 4,000+ tokens.

Set up automated recurring transactions or rule-based purchases.

Understand your finances

Track income and expenses across multiple wallets.

Set up notifications, track royalty income and more.

Simplify your treasuryEasy to understand asset
overview of your treasury
Real Time NotificationsGet alerts for various inflows and
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  • Finance 2
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  • Finance 4

Yield optimization

Securely invest in leading DeFi protocols and strategies to earn yield.

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Our integration with Yearn and Compound makes it way easier.
Built on top of Gnosis Safe, access the leading multisig wallet in blockchain.
$107+ billion stored in Gnosis Safes.
Gnosis Safe


Whether it's for your DAO treasury or your web3 company’s treasury, mesha provides you with comprehensive tools to manage your assets, from diversification to earning yield. Sign up here (its free) and start managing your treasury.

DAO treasury management is the process in which DAOs manage their treasury. This process includes oversight of the treasury assets, making payments (including payroll, bounty and contributor payments) and diversification (for managing risk). DAOs also invest in DeFi protocols to earn yield on their idle token assets.

Mesha is integrated with leading DeFi protocols for DAOs and web3 teams to access yield, including Yearn Finance and Compound. For making Token Swaps, treasury management teams can access UniSwap, SushiSwap and other major exchanges.

You can access over 4,000 tokens for TokenSwap. Mesha currently supports ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum.

Yes you can use mesha for crypto payroll. DAOs can simplify their contributor payments by using the mass payouts tool, which lets you upload hundreds of wallet addresses in one click.