Financial stack for DAOs | mesha

Scale your
financial operations

Enhance your contributor experience with corporate cards, reimbursements and the most comprehensive financial stack in web3.

Scale your financial operations

Simplify expenses with corporate cards

Issue unlimited corporate cards for your fiat expenses

Issue unlimited corporate cards for your fiat expenses
Linked to your multisig, there's no need to convert your crypto to fiat anymore
Earn cashback up to 1%

Scale operations with unlimited multisigs

Import and manage multiple multisig wallets
Get an overview of all assets and liabilities across every team and subDAO
One click recurring payroll

Web3 native expense management and reimbursements

Manage on and off chain reimbursements natively
Reimburse contributors with one click
Spin up multisigs with customized spending limits for scalable financial operations

Your entire treasury management

Mass Payouts
Token Swap
DeFi & Yield Optimization

Save time with accounting software

Automate transaction tagging and close your books faster
Sync data to Quickbooks, Xero and more


Mesha currently supports:

  • Quickbooks Online
  • Xero
  • Wave

Click on 'Connect' and securely login to your Quickbooks account (or other accounting provider) with your username and password. This will then link your mesha account to Quickbooks (or Xero or Wave) and let you sync all transactions from mesha to these providers.
We never store your password :)

Yes! You can sync any transaction you want, and using our automated rules setting, you can simplify your categorization as well (e.g. any transaction to X wallet address is considered SaaS)