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All-in-one finance platform for accounting, bookkeeping, taxes and payroll for restaurants
Why restaurant owners love mesha
Hours saved on accounting, bookkeeping and financial admin tasks
saved on bookkeeping and tax fees
accurate financial insights
Financial powerhouse for your restaurant
Intelligent accounting software for modern restaurants
Supercharge your restaurant business growth and close your books 3X faster
Expert bookkeeping tailored to your restaurant needs
Running a restaurant comes with its unique financial challenges. Our expert bookkeeping services are specifically designed to cater to the needs of your restaurant. Whether you're a small bistro or a bustling eatery, we understand the intricacies of restaurant finances and are equipped to handle them efficiently.
Trusted tax management and filing for restaurants
Tax Management Software
  • Automated tax calculation for sales, payroll and federal
  • Reminders on taxes and compliance filing
  • Tax ready reports with P&L, expenses and balance sheets
Tax Prep and Filing
  • On-demand consultation with best tax advisors
  • Expert guidance on restaurant specific tax structures and tax saving strategies
  • Minimizing tax liabilities and maximizing deductions
  • Stay up to date on dynamic tax laws and regulations affecting the F&B industry

Tax related FAQs for restaurants

Do I need to pay sales tax on food and beverages served at my restaurant?

In most cases, restaurants are required to collect and remit sales tax on the food and beverages they sell. Sales tax rates and regulations can vary by location, so it's essential to understand the specific requirements in your area.

Tips received by restaurant employees are generally considered taxable income. Restaurant owners may be required to report and withhold taxes on tip income in compliance with IRS regulations.

Yes, you can typically deduct the cost of food and ingredients used in your restaurant as a legitimate business expense when calculating your taxable income. Keeping accurate records is essential to support these deductions.

Various tax credits and incentives may be available, depending on your location and the nature of your restaurant business. These can include credits for energy-efficient upgrades, hiring certain employees, or promoting economic development in certain areas. Check with your local tax authorities for details.

Employee payroll, including wages, salaries, and associated taxes, is a significant tax consideration for restaurant owners. Understanding the rules for withholding, reporting, and paying payroll taxes is crucial. Benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans may also have tax implications.

Sales made through delivery apps or third-party platforms are still subject to tax reporting. It's essential to maintain accurate records of these sales, including commissions paid to the platform, to ensure proper tax compliance.

Making payroll painless for restaurants

Our comprehensive payroll features help make payroll management super simple.

Stay compliant with mesha
  • Off Cycle payroll and flexible payment schedules

  • Next day direct deposit

  • Payroll Deductions and Garnishments

  • Overtime and reimbursement calculations

  • Payroll and taxes across multiple states

  • Payroll for FTEs, contractors and freelancers

Payroll taxes and compliance

We take care of taxes and compliance to adhere to the local regulations and government declarations.

Stay compliant with mesha
  • Automated tax calculation

  • Tax filing and reporting

  • Tax codes and regulation updates

  • Multi jurisdiction compliance

  • Tax liability tracking

  • Work Classification Compliance

  • SUI Reporting

  • Wage Garnishments and Deductions

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