Simplify your Ramp cards accounting with mesha

Manage your Ramp cards
account with mesha

Simplify your financial operations by linking your Ramp account

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Link your Ramp account in one-click

Mesha connects to your Ramp to provide you with real time insights into all your card expenses, bill payments and employees and simplifying your accounting on Ramp via mesha.

Automate your accounting

Our Ramp integration makes closing your books at the end of the month simple and easy - saving you hours. You can sync all your transactions to whichever accounting software you wish with a few clicks. No more spending hours on spreadsheets.

Understand your finances
Manage and pay bills with mesha

Understand your finances

Get real time insights across your multiple bank accounts. Understand income, expenses and all your assets. Get notified about transactions and get a holistic understanding of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ramp is a corporate card provider for businesses in the US.

Mesha provides business teams with an all-in-one finance dashboard to manage all their finances, expenses and accounting.

Other integrations

Mesha is integrated with thousands of banks and software providers to help you manage your business