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Mesha is the all-in-one treasury tool for web3.

The financial
stack for web3

The only all-in-one solution for web3 startups,
NFT projects and DAOs .

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Built for builders

Simplify your finances and focus on building

Comprehensive treasury tools

Comprehensive treasury tools

Earn yield on your assets with our DeFi integrations.

Secured using Genosis

Secured using Genosis

Deploy (or import) a Gnosis multisig to manage your guild’s assets.

Integrated with DEXs

Integrated with DEXs

Diversify your treasury by purchasing tokens directly from Uniswap, Sushiswap etc.

Expenses, simplified

Expenses, simplified

Track incoming and outgoing transactions. Add notes. Schedule mass payouts with one-click.

Easy voting

Easy voting

Gasless voting to help make votes easy and simple. Use our mobile app to vote with ease.

Communicate easily

Communicate easily

In-app chat. Mobile app. Discord & telegram bots.

NFT Projects

The only solution you’ll ever need. Track royalty income, see your drop’s sales and more. Convert your sales to yield-generating assets, pay contributors and more.

Web3 Startups
Web3 Startups

Web3 startups

Spin up an investing DAO in seconds. Add colleagues and friends, pool resources and start investing in on-chain and off-chain assets.

From NFTs to crypto to collectibles, there’s no asset you can’t access. And with access to DeFi yield optimization, create strategies to earn yield together.

DAO Treasuries

Manage your DAO treasury with mesha. Multisig wallets, mass-payouts and scheduled transactions make it incredibly easy for DAOs to manage their treasuries.

Optimize your treasury’s assets with yield optimization. And with mesha’s gas sponsorship, it no longer means that the executor has to individually pay for gas fees


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