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Experience seamless payroll process with mesha

Automated tax filing and compliance

Integrated benefits and time tracking

Transparent pricing. No hidden charges.

Exceptional customer support whenever you need it.

Automated and compliant payroll tax filing

Our commitment goes beyond tax calculations; each time payroll is processed, we handle tax filing directly with the relevant government bodies.

Calculate, file and pay all local, state and federal taxes using mesha
We file W-2 and 1099 forms and send them directly to your employees and contractors
We automatically report new hires to the government, reducing your administrative load
Minimum wage adjustment adhering to state and local regulations

Auto-synced data through powerful integrations

Effortlessly unite all features on one platform – from health insurance and 401(k) to time tracking and PTO. Seamlessly sync your HRIS, accounting software, banks, cards in minutes for vacation days, expenses, and more.


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Your business growth powered by mesha

Make payments to contractors across 120+ countries. As businesses expand, geographical boundaries shouldn't hinder growth. With our support for contractor payments in over 120 countries, you can access exceptional global talent without constraints.

Intelligent payroll that saves you time

Unify payroll in one platform, cutting through complex payroll operations while eliminating the grind of local admin for compliance, taxes, and benefits.

Efficient Salary and Tax Management
Compliance with local authorities
Employee compensation and benefits
Instant Payslip generation and distribution
Hassle free onboarding and offboarding
Tailored local contracts and documentation


mesha's payroll software provides a seamless payroll process experience along with automated tax filing and compliance, integrated benefits and time tracking, transparent pricing, and exceptional customer support.

mesha goes beyond tax calculations. Each time payroll is processed, we handle tax filing directly with the relevant government bodies. This includes calculating, filing, and paying all local, state, and federal taxes. We also file W-2 and 1099 forms and send them directly to your employees and contractors. Additionally, we automatically report new hires to the government and ensure minimum wage adjustments adhere to state and local regulations.

Yes, mesha seamlessly integrates with various software systems including accounting software like Quickbooks, Xero, Sage, and ZohoBooks, payroll platforms like Deel, Gusto, Rippling, and RazorpayX, as well as over 10,000 international banks, payment gateways like Stripe and Razorpay, and corporate cards like Brex, Ramp, and Mercury.

mesha payroll offers a range of comprehensive payroll features including off-cycle payroll and flexible payment schedules, next-day direct deposit, payroll deductions and garnishments, overtime and reimbursement calculations, payroll and taxes across multiple states, and support for payroll management of full-time employees, contractors, and freelancers.