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Accounting Software for Businesses and Accountants

All-in-one accounting stack for multi entity businesses, CFOs and accountants to track income, expenses, transactions and taxes. Unlock real-time strategic insights to power your financial decisions.


Why Mesha is the trusted accounting choice for businesses

Still using boring old spreadsheets and outdated accounting softwares that always lacks that one feature you need the most? Experience the future of accounting software tailored just for you.

Real-time insights across all your accounts

Make informed decisions with real-time visibility of your financial data across different accounts and entities

Get actionable reports at your fingertips

Tag and categorize all your transactions on the go and automatically generate report from financial data

Seamless integrations from the Get Go

We partner with more than 10000 banks around the world and integrate with leading cards, payroll, CRM, payments and accounting solutions.

Multi currency support

We support 100+ currencies. Choose your reporting currency of your choice and assign different currencies to local entities.

Powered by AI

Understand your company’s financial data and get all your financial queries answered with Mesha AI

Accounting and Bookkeeping - All under one roof

Crafted for multi-entity companies

Covering everything in accounting that you need, and nothing that you don’t.

Founder Experience:

Save hours on managing finances between multiple entities, vendors and employee payments. Tap into all business KPIs that matter and get multi entity focused accounting experience that you and your teams love.

CFO Experience:

Unified dashboard for all your finance and entities. Gain real-time insights into liabilities and assets across various accounts with efficient intercompany management, automated reports, robust compliance features and multi currency support.

Accountant Experience:

Simplify your accounting tasks with fast transaction tagging and categorization, centralized data hub, automated rules, traceable entries and audit logs, quick bank data uploads, and revenue recognition.

Simplifying Crypto Accounting for Web3 Teams

Our comprehensive crypto accounting solution offers a range of features that streamlines the management of wallets with automatic accounting integrations and transaction categorization, intelligent loss impairment calculation, and accurate tracking of NFT royalties. We even integrate seamlessly with your fiat bank accounts.

Designed for and around the Web3 ecosystem

Swaps, DeFi, NFTs, and inter-company wallet flows powered by AI search and multi-entity support makes Mesha a no brainer.

Want to explore everything that we do to make Crypto accounting a breeze?

Integrations that work like a charm

It’s not magic. It’s mesha ✨

We believe accounting softwares should be simple and intuitive. So no more learning curves or hesitation to start when it comes to mesha. Have a question in mind? Ask away with mesha AI.

Want to see how mesha AI makes getting your financial questions answered 10X faster?

Loved by our community

Loved by our community
Aniket Jindal

We've saved a lot of time and money with mesha. Before this, we were using Excel and had limited visibility on all our accounts and balances


Your trusty accounting sidekick, always there to lend a helping hand

Support at your convenient time

No transfer calls, just expert help from start to finish

Experienced accountants in house always ready to assist

A library of extensive knowledge base at your fingertips

Want to feel like an accounting wizard from day 1 ?