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Manage your income tracking and accounts receivable in one place

Get granular insights of all your income sources with mesha’s all-in-one income tracking and reporting solution.


Set up income tracking for all accounts, in seconds

Our solution makes it simple for businesses of all sizes to track their income sources across different accounts. We integrate with multiple payment gateways, commerce platforms and CRMs to bring you comprehensive insights from all your accounts receivable.


Accounts Receivable, Automated

Say goodbye to the sluggish and chaotic ordeal of downloading AR aging reports, sifting through complex spreadsheets, and depending on vlookups.

Mesha's account receivable automation software tracks, consolidates and processes incoming cash data from all your disparate sources into one intuitive dashboard.

Automated reconciliation
Accounts receivable
Incoming payments accurately matched to the correct invoices
Improving the overall efficiency of the accounts receivable process
No more manual errors

Ready to get in depth details on your income sources?

Why businesses trust us with income tracking and reporting

Talk to our experts to understand the transformative impact of real-time accounts receivable visibility on your business.

Real time visibility on income sources

Automated reconciliation

Automated tax calculation

No manual spreadsheet tracking and inaccuracies

Better cash inflow forecasts with insights on income sources

Collaborative platform for shared information between teams and accountants

Automated tax calculation

Save hours on manual tax calculations and ensuring global tax compliance for your entities around the globe.

Our automated tax calculation feature calculates taxes for each transaction to ensure accuracy and compliance with tax regulations, ultimately minimizing the risk of penalties or audits.

Stay compliant with mesha
  • Tax calculations based on local tax norms

  • Reminders on taxes and compliance filing deadlines

  • Pay your taxes via mesha

  • Global tax compliance with zero hours spent

Learn more on how mesha helps you with global tax compliance

Stay compliant with mesha
  • Tailored revenue recognition rules for each business offering

  • Consolidated revenue data through multiple integrations

  • Compliant revenue recognition with ASC606, IFRS15 and USGAAP

  • Reporting that keeps you audit ready

Automate Revenue Recognition with mesha

Coming soon 🔥

Financial teams and accountants have a lot on their plate, reporting for recognized revenue shouldn’t be another added task.

Consolidate data from accounts receivable, set revenue recognition rules and automatically measure recognised revenue with mesha’s Revenue Recognition feature.

Loved by our community

Loved by our community
Aniket Jindal

We've saved a lot of time and money with mesha. Before this, we were using Excel and had limited visibility on all our accounts and balances


Incoming cash alert! Get consolidated insights on all the sources that are adding to your bank account.