Guide to Reward Page | mesha
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Introducing Rewards

Earn XP for everything you do

Complete tasks, Earn XP, and swap that XP for tokens.

Buy an NFT or tokens

Get 5% of the amount you spend as XP.
If you spend 500$, you get 25 XP from us!.

We’re also integrated with OpenSea, so options are limitless.

What do you actually
do with XP?

Keep them in your wallet to level up, or just swap them to earn Mesha tokens.

You can only swap 1000 XP for $MESHA per week.

Track things easily

The dashboard makes it very easy for you to see how much XP
you’ve got, and what else you can do to earn more.


Communicate Easily

In-app chat. Mobile app. Discord & telegram bots.