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Finance tools for
Web3 organizations

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Web3 startups

Manage your crypto native treasury with mesha.

Powered by Gnosis’ multisig wallets, you can access mass-payouts, scheduled transactions and off-chain fiat to run and optimize your organization’s finances. Swap tokens, and optimize your treasury’s assets with yield optimization through our DeFi integrations.

Web3 Startups

DAO Treasuries

Manage your DAO treasury with mesha. Multisig wallets, mass-payouts and scheduled transactions make it incredibly easy for DAOs to manage their treasuries.

Optimize your treasury’s assets with yield optimization. And with mesha’s gas sponsorship, it no longer means that the executor has to individually pay for gas fees

Doa Treasuries


Deploy (or import) a Gnosis multisig to manage your guild’s assets. Its the gold standard, and secured on the Ethereum blockchain

Rent NFTs

Rent NFTs

Enable scholarships for Play-to-earn games. Rent your NFTs to players, earn profit and more. Set collateral requirements or profit share. It’s simple, with just a few clicks.

Comprehensive treasury

Comprehensive treasury

Access tokenswap for 5,000+ tokens across Uniswap, Sushiswap etc. Earn yield on your assets with our DeFi integrations.

Transaction tracking

Transaction tracking

Track incoming and outgoing transactions. Add notes. See.

Expense cards

Expense cards

Issue unlimited virtual cards for your team. Spend in fiat. Pay back in crypto.

Your own token

Your own token

Mint or import your ERC-20 token for your guild. Track ownership, enable redemptions and more.

Debit cards

Manage expenses by issuing all your team (or DAO members) a debit card to spend from your crypto treasury.


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