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Simplify accounting with mesha - the advanced 1800 Accountant alternative designed for founders and finance teams of all sizes


mesha vs 1800 Accountant

Automate transaction tagging
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Setup timeLess than 5 minutesTakes time to set up
Tailored bookkeepingFully customized to your business, delivered by the 5th of the monthNot available
Ask a CPA - Your Personal CPA on-demand24/7Not available
Accounting softwareEasy to use, clean interface + various featuresDifficult user interface + basic features
AI PoweredAI Powered accounting, bookkeeping and reportingNo AI support
Interactive Financial ReportingYesNo
Advanced transaction taggingYesNo
InvoicingCreate, track and send professional invoicesNot comprehensive
Software and services for tax preparation and filingComprehensiveNot available
Easy accountant portalYesNo
Catchup BookkeepingAvailableNot available
IntegrationsPowerful integrations with banks, payroll, CRMs, cards and other finance appsLimited integrations
Pricing$349/month (for bookkeeping + accounting + payroll + taxes + legal + CPA support)$239/month and that’s just for accounting software + taxes

Best 1800 Accountant Alternative for Accounting

Save more than 20 hours/month with accounting + bookkeeping offerings by mesha. Connect your accounts, track and categorize your income and expenses, access real-time financial insights (even before book finalization) and get clean, tax ready books done by designated expert bookkeepers.

Why choose mesha?

  • Auto tracking and categorization of all transactions
  • Tailored bookkeeping with expert support
  • Tax ready books with all year round tax prep and filing support
  • Easy to use accounting software that you would actually use

Make the switch from 1800 Accountant to mesha

Build your financial stack with mesha and unleash your business potential


Dedicated and tailored bookkeeping

Alongside a powerful payroll software, mesha also connects you to a dedicated team of tailored bookkeeping experts, ensuring 24/7 bookkeeping support that perfectly aligns with your business needs and goals.


Auto tracking and categorization

Simplify accounting with mesha software. Effortlessly track income and expenses from multiple sources via robust integrations with banks, payroll, CRMs, and more, categorizing them for tax purposes with ease.


Real-time financials

See your cash inflow and outflow in real-time, get granular details on your business’s financial health and make smarter decisions with up-to-date and interactive reports.


Tax ready books

Say goodbye to tax-time stress with our user-friendly accounting software. We maintain your finances flawlessly, ready for tax season. Choose independent filing or certified professional assistance.


Accurate, peer-reviewed books

After your bookkeeper completes their work, a dedicated team will conduct a thorough quality check and peer review to ensure accuracy and excellence.


Powerful and economical

mesha provides premium bookkeeping, tax preparation and filing, payroll, catchup bookkeeping, accounting, legal, and other offerings (software and services) all in one place.

Ready to uncomplicate your accounting and make the move from 1800 Accountant?

Experience the peace of mind that comes with having accurate, tax-ready financials at your fingertips. Want to get a personalized migration done for free? (Our setup just takes 5 minutes)


mesha is an all-in-one automated solution for your business. Be it Catchup Bookkeeping, Consulting an Accountant or just day to dayBusiness Accounting, mesha aims to make everything related to Accounting as well as Bookkeeping easy for businesses and Accountants.

You can definitely Book a Demo or Start for Free. We also offer different Pricing starting at $49 a month that includes Accounting Software as well as Invoicing. You can choose to include extra add-ons such as Bookkeeping, Payroll and Tax. Take a look at mesha’s Pricing.

Yes! You can modify your subscription anytime. Contact your mesha specialist for assistance, and they'll guide you, ensuring a service tailored to your preferences.

You can contact mesha via chat (click on the icon in the bottom right of the page) or via email at

After our in-depth free consultation, where we assess your business's unique needs and objectives, we'll suggest the best package. For a comprehensive understanding, our website offers a detailed package comparison.