multi currency of mesha

Multi currency accounting software for global businesses

Do business worldwide with multi currency support for over 100 currencies.

Multi currency

Go beyond borders with multi currency

Ensure efficient cross border operations and enable your teams in multi entities to seamlessly operate in different regions, managing transactions and finances in their local currencies with mesha


Explore multi currency accounting with mesha

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Multi currency support for over 100 currencies worldwide

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View rate change updates and see how market changes affect your cash flow and profits

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Assign different currencies to local entities

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Get reports in local and foreign currencies

Expense management to save you time

Make your business truly global

Making accounting uncomplicated for multi-entity businesses.

  • Account Experience
    Receive payments, create invoices or pay bills in multiple currencies
  • Account Experience
    View historical and current FX rate and how it impacts your business gains
  • Account Experience
    Ability to adjust rates for specific dates
  • Account Experience
    Central view for multi currency transactions between different entities and bank accounts

Multi currency reporting made easy

Create interactive and customizable reports in foreign and local currencies.


See balance sheet, P&L, cash flow statements in your preferred reporting currency


View transactions, bills and invoices in foreign currencies


Reconcile foreign currency transactions easily


Get reports on your foreign currency exposure

White-glove accounting experience tailor made for your multi entity needs

Switch to multi currency accounting with mesha

  • Connect your account

  • Link your multi currency transactions with a single click

  • Select your preferred currency

  • Manage your finances in multiple currencies

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