Generate Profit & Loss Statements Effortlessly with mesha: Your Financial Insight Tool

Generate Profit & Loss Statements Effortlessly with mesha: Your Financial Insight Tool

Master financial management with mesha: Effortlessly generate profit and loss statements, gaining clear insights for informed business decisions.


Getting financial insights has never been easier

As the volume and complexity of your financial data increases, it becomes difficult to keep tabs on those critical metrics. Our AI search feature brings you personalized financial guidance by consolidating and processing all your financial data, providing you with insights without you having to break a sweat.

Our powerful AI system does the heavy lifting for you

Frequently Asked Questions

How is mesha different from other Accounting and Bookkeeping Software?

mesha is an all-in-one automated solution for your business. Be it Catchup Bookkeeping, Consulting an Accountant or just day to day Business Accounting, mesha aims to make everything related to Accounting as well as Bookkeeping easy for businesses and Accountants.

You can definitely Book a Demo or Start for Free . We also offer different Pricing starting at $49 a month that includes Accounting Software as well as Invoicing. You can choose to include extra add-ons such as Bookkeeping, Payroll and Tax. Take a look at mesha’s Pricing.

Yes! You can modify your subscription anytime. Contact your mesha specialist for assistance, and they'll guide you, ensuring a service tailored to your preferences.

You can contact mesha via chat (click on the icon in the bottom right of the page) or via email at

After our in-depth free consultation, where we assess your business's unique needs and objectives, we'll suggest the best package. For a comprehensive understanding, our website offers a detailed package comparison.